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Low 4% Commission

Keep more of your sale with our low commission rate.

Afternic & Sedo Fast Transfer

Automated fulfillment of domains
sold through Afternic & Sedo.

Instant Ownership Transfer

No-hassle, instant fulfillment
of domains at Sav.

Instant Payment

Get paid immediately upon a buyer
purchasing your domain.*

Exclusive 5% Buyer Discount

Sav incentives buyers with a 5% discount (from our pockets) on Buy Now listings.

Free Privacy Protection, SSL & More

Sav incentivises buyers with
free premium features.

Buy Now Listings

  Domain can be at any registrar.

  Our optimized For Sale Landers are included at no extra cost.

  Price Range: $10 to $10M USD.

  Listing can be modified or removed at any time.

  Bulk management tools.

  Transfer In fees (if required) are paid by the buyer.

Customer Auctions

  Domain can be at any registrar.

  10 day, no reserve Auction.

  Auctions must run through end time.

  Domain can either have Buy Now listing or Auction.

  Transfer In fees (if required) are added into the price of the auction.

Learn more about Selling Domains with this How-to Guide from the Sav Blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose to be paid instantly* when your domain sells, or set your account to request payouts on demand. We offer many popular payout methods like ACH, Wire Transfer, PayPal and Instant Debit card. Fees for each payout method vary and are paid by the seller. Not all payout methods are available in all countries. Fund are available for new sellers five days after the order is fulfilled.
Domains not in your Sav account can be verified by changing their nameservers to Sav, adding in a meta tag or adding in a DNS TXT entry. Ownership is verified as soon as the domain is listed and on a regular basis after that. Domains are auto removed after they expire or when ownership can no longer be verified.
  • TLD must be supported by Sav.
  • Domain must have at least 21 days of registration remaining if not at Sav.
  • A domain can only have an active auction once every 60 days.
A separate line item is added to the cart for Buy Now listing that have to be transferred in. Auction listings have the transfer in included in the auction bid. That transfer amount is deducted from the final bid before net sale amounts and commissions are calculated.
Once you reach $100,000 in gross sales and over 50 sales, please reach out to [email protected] to request access to Instant Payments.