Domain Transfer

Transfer your domain to your Sav account

Domain Transfer Process

  1. Unlock your domain and get its auth code
  2. If you have whois privacy enabled on the domain, disable it
  3. Enter the domain and its auth code above to start your domain transfer
  4. Authorize the domain transfer via the email sent to your Whois email address
  5. Confirm the domain transfer with your previous registrar if they contact you
  6. You will get an email when the domain arrives in your Sav account

Before You Begin

To transfer a domain, the domain must not be a recent registration or transfer (within 60 days) and it must not be expired or about to expire (we recommend initiating a transfer at least 2 weeks before a domain expires).

Ensure your Whois email address is current as that is the address we will use to authorize the transfer.

Each domain transfer extends your domain registration by one year.